Friday, July 20, 2007

Photos of Summer Succulents Exhibition

Last night we threw an opening party for our summer exhibition, Summer Succulents! The show features nearly 60 works of jewelry inspired by succulent plants by eight jewelry makers from around the country: Valerie Mitchell, Janice Ho, Chelle Kraus, Laura Su, Melle Finelli, Kristina Kada, Alison Mackey, and Lisa Crowder. The show also inaugurates our brand new window gallery and will be on view thru the end of August.

The party was a success -- everyone had a lovely time mingling and enjoying the work on view and the fresh snacks and drinks we'd made while deciding which pieces to snap up. More people have been coming in to see the show today and stake their claim (since purchased pieces will stay in the show until it closes). I dislike red dots, but the little blue stars are coming out!

Here are some photos of the show. If there's a piece that you'd like to have, give us a call or send us an email, and we can do a transaction by phone. Again, the piece must stay in the show until the last week of August, but we'll mark it with a blue star for you! Pieces will also start appearing in our online shop next week. Enjoy!

Here are some pictures from the opening party (in addition to the one at the top):

And here's how the front of the shop looks now!

This new glass table Jae designed really opens up the front of the shop and invites in more clarity and light. We usually have a very frontal window display, but we arranged the show to be visible from both inside and outside, so rather than use a lot of levels we kept it mostly flat. I must say I am quite pleased with the way my displays turned out. They're just cork boards covered in microsuede and they were very easy to make.

All of the succulent plants in the show are from the wonderful plant shop Root Stock & Quade down the street. Thanks again, guys, for participating!

Thanks also to everyone who came to the opening and helped make it such a great night!

And thanks again to all the jewelry makers for contributing their work. We're so excited that this show is finally up!

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

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