Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Beautiful Images of Richter's Cologne Cathedral Window

"...[V]isualizing the whole thing was impossible. There is a huge difference between a translucent color and a color that is printed."

Indeed, Mr. Richter. News of Gerhard Richter's stained glass windows for the Cologne Cathedral has already made the rounds, but until tonight I'd only seen one very flat printed picture of the window.

Tonight I found this excellent video of the project on vernissage.tv and took the screen shots here to share with you. It is really something quite beautiful, and as the artist says in a clip of the press conference in the video, this isn't something that happens every day. (When's the last time you can remember a stained glass window making the news?)

And talk about extreme craft. I wold love to see a video of the making of this monumental piece. I wonder how they were able to produce so many different colors. I wonder how they installed it.

Be sure to have your computer volume on when you watch the video. There's some ethereal choral music happening in the background about 1/2 way thru!

Posted by Amy Shaw.
Photos: screen shots from vernissage.tv sourced here.

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David Richardson said...

Hi Amy-

Here's a link to a story on Miguel Barcelo's ceramic installation for a cathedral in Majorca (6 years of work and a 4.8 million budget!). Miguel has been one of my favorite painters for years. The story also mentions the Richter stained glass.