Thursday, October 11, 2007

Warm Scarves for Cool Evenings

Fall seems to have finally decided to grace us with her presence in Brooklyn! The air is cooler and jackets and scarves are coming out of the closet. And the trees are juuuust starting to show a hint of yellow at the tops.

Perfect for the season, we are offering some very special scarves at Greenjeans this fall for women and men. Designed, cut, and sewn one at a time by Hiroko Kurihara in Oakland, CA, these scarves have so much attention to detail and aesthetic value I cannot imagine ever tiring of them. Plus they're warm and soft, made from 100% boiled virgin wool.

More than that, for each scarf we sell Kurihara makes a scarf from recycled polar fleece to donate to the women's shelter here in Park Slope. Kurihara makes amazing blankets, too, and similarly donates a blanket for each one we sell. It's called the Blanket Shares Project and it is quite inspiring, and makes the scarves extra warm!

I have some of the scarf designs available here in the Online Store, so have a look! (And yes that's me modeling, since Jae refused...)

We still have a few of Brooklyn weaver Susan Weltman's beautiful, colorful scarves and throws as well, which are also great for the cool days and chilly nights. Come in to see them!

Happy Fall!

Stay tuned: tomorrow I will (finally!!) post my review of the newly re-launched American Craft Magazine.

Posted by Amy Shaw
Photos by Jae Kim

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