Sunday, October 28, 2007

Finding Relief from Design Overload

I look at works of craft, art, and design all day. Here in the shop, on blogs and websites, in magazines, in other shops and galleries... When I get home, I "relax" with more magazines, books and catalogs, even documentaries. It's all around all the time. And usually I'm pretty happy about that.

But sometimes, it can all get to be too much! Cousin Jason paraphrased my feelings exactly the other day. He picked up the latest issue of New York Magazine--yet another design issue devoted to yet another design week--flipped through a couple pages, then tossed it back on the coffee table muttering "ugh, design!" while shaking his hands in quasi-anxiety.

Times like these I find respite in the wonderful words of Eva Zeisel (that came printed on the side of the box to the Eva Teakettle my Dad gave us as a housewarming gift):

"I hoped my designs would bring pleasure to users when they had time to notice them, and yet recede when they were too busy or tired."

I love that. And, living with her tea kettle, I can attest that she achieved her hope.

Sometimes though, when things get too serious, I just need a good laugh. That's when I visit the website Thwart Design and click on "Progress," then "Design w/o Reach." Try it! Delight!!

If all that isn't enough, I turn to my favorite sensory deprivation treatment: a long soak in the tub. It's pretty simple, but it does the trick. And I leave the design magazines far on the other side of the bathroom...

What do YOU do when you need a break from it all?

* * *

Tonight we're off to NH for a couple of days. Be back on Wednesday with fresh pottery by John Zentner, new large orbs by Jane Kaufmann, and a new supply of Shaker peg boards by David Emerson. Til then!

Posted by Amy Shaw
Photos: Top - Ball Clock from Thwart Design; Bottom - Eva Teakettle


hr_g said...

My way of ensuring that I don't OD on design is by asking my design-obsessed neighbors to move some place far away...thankfully it has worked.

shawn said...

Reading some Anthony Trollope right now, and all that Victorian goodness puts my mind at ease.