Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Greenjeans Quoted in MJSA Journal

A few months ago, Suzanne Wade interviewed us for a piece about running a values-led business that appears in the latest issue of the MJSA Journal.

After describing the business model that led Ben & Jerry's to incredible success (an omen for us I hope!!), she offers our point of view on how we run a small business while maintaining our commitment to sustainability and community.

A sample: "We believe capitalism can be used in the service of changing the world, an in our own small way, that is what we're trying to do... It's not just about being environmental or buying everything recycled, but knowing why you're buying the things and knowing something about them."

She goes on to share the experiences of Columbia Gem House, which is working to supply gemstones to the industry that are sourced from mines using fair and safe labor practices. "I don't know any consumers out there who would say I'd rather save $5 [even if that means] trashing rivers in Africa and having a 13-year-old cutting the stone," says Eric Braunwart, CGH President. She also writes about Sumiche, a socially responsible jewelry studio in Eugene, Oregon, and their source for precious metals, Oro Verde.

It all starts on p. 44 of the October issue!

Thanks for including us in your story, Suzanne!

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