Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Big Opportunities for Craft Artists (Oct. deadlines!)

Two upcoming deadlines to mention today.

First, you have only six more days to enter your handmade car accessory into Toyota Scion's Craft My Ride competition! Top prize is a new car... Click here for the application and to read more. The deadline is Monday, October 22!

Second, and I know I've been writing a lot about the American Craft Council lately, but an interesting press release from them just came into my inbox last night.

The ACC is offering 40 spaces at its huge and prestigious American Craft Show in Baltimore to "the new wave craft crowd." Spaces will cost a mere $300 instead of the usual $1500+ for a booth, and there's no application fee. [Added 10/20: The ACC clarified to me that spaces will be in a shared area, not regular full booths, but they will be on the main floor.] (This is for the February 2008 retail show, not the wholesale show that takes place beforehand.)

This is a HUGE opportunity for emerging craft artists to get your work noticed by major craft galleries, museum store buyers, department store buyers, serious craft collectors, and thousands of others. (It will also make things spicier for the fair's attendees -- I can't wait to see, and report about it!)

Applicants have until Monday, October 29 to submit by email:

· Three low-res images of your work
· A brief description of your work (materials, dimensions, special techniques)
· Your contact information (mail and e-mail addresses).

Email your submission to baltimore@craftcouncil.org and put in the subject line "I want to get rad in Baltimore!" Finalists will be announced in November.

The ACC seems to be making serious efforts to make space for what I call the "craft new wave," and I'm excited to see what they chose to present at the February show. I hope they get boatloads of applications!

Posted by Amy Shaw.
Photo courtesy of the American Craft Council.


Anonymous said...

I went to the ACC website and could not find any information about the $300 booth fee for 40 artists at the baltimore show that you mentioned… please help! It sounds like a great opportunity, but maybe TOO good to be true?

Greenjeans Adventure said...

You're meant to email your submission to them. I don't think it's on their website yet. I've put the email address in bold above.

Good luck!

- Amy