Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Costume Institute Gala at the Met

It's no state secret that I'm a huge fan of fashion. Among other slavish habits, I pour over every issue of that huge tree-killer, Vogue. I flip first to Andre Leon Tally 's fabulous monthly column, soak in the rest like a warm bath, and when I'm done, leave it on the landing for a neighbor to pick up.

When I can see amazing, beautifully-sewn garments cut from gorgeous fabrics, it's true bliss. And when I can't, I settle for pictures.

As fashiony nights go, the Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is THE annual event of interest to me (and zillions of others). Here, the glitteriest of glittery crowds really go for the art aspect of fashion. The results are a feast.

Look here, here, here, and here for pix of the fantastic frocks worn to the gala last night (like the one at the right -- love the color combo). Can you say eye candy?

Paul Poiret is the subject of this summer's Costume Institute exhibition. He is the French designer who invented that 1910's/20's style the relies on drape and feathers and long strands of pearls, one I may never tire of. I can't wait to see the exhibition...

Fashion as a thrilling mix of art, craft, and design -- what could be more divine?

Poiret in his studio.
Picture sourced here, here, and here.

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