Sunday, May 13, 2007

Studio Visit: Brian Braskie, chairmaker

Today we were telling some customers about a pair of beautiful Shaker ironing chairs -- tall chairs with low backs -- that we have stored up at chairmaker Brian Braskie's workshop. I knew I had a picture, and when I found it discovered a clutch of other pix I shot the day we visited him last July.

So today I invite you to come along with Greenjeans down this lovely road in Canterbury, NH, as we visit Brian Braskie.

Brian checks his production schedule in his sunny, well-ordered workshop.

The finished ironing stools (left) are made of cherry, and the large side chair in mid-construction (right) is tiger maple.

Brian's templates for rockers, arms, and back slats.

A rocker stenciled onto a piece of tiger maple ready to be cut out.

The view of Brian and his wife Lenore's pretty house through the old wavy-glass workshop window.

Jae goofs off as Brian looks on amused. That's his hybrid parked in the barn.

Brian leans cooly against the doorframe of the barn. Though an outspoken environmentalist with a very New England dry sense of humor, he is as full of integrity and as unselfconsciously handsome as his fine chairs.

Thank you, Brian! Hope to see you again this summer!

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