Wednesday, May 23, 2007

PBS series Craft In America airs May 30

Make a date with your craft-loving friends next Wednesday night and watch the premiere broadcast of CRAFT IN AMERICA, the long-awaited 3-part PBS television series.

It airs Wednesday May 30th at 8, 9 and 10pm (and will probably be re-broadcast a bunch of times if we're lucky).

From the press release: "Comprising a three-part PBS television series, a nationally-touring museum exhibition, a lavishly illustrated book and the most comprehensive Web site of its kind, CRAFT IN AMERICA is poised to become a national phenomenon."

It continues, "CRAFT IN AMERICA is a multi-faceted journey into the origin and continuation of craft traditions. The project illustrates the craftsmanship passed from artist to artist over the last two centuries—and highlights the cultural significance of this craftsmanship. Ceramics, glass, wood, furniture, metalwork, jewelry, fiber and baskets are included in this ground-breaking project."

Well, we shall see! One thing I'm looking forward to seeing is if they (click here for who "they" are) delve at all into the indie craft world. Will it be all professors and MFA graduates? Or will we see some old-timers and renegades too? Hopefully it'll be a rich, dynamic, and diverse mix. However it turns out to be, I can hardly wait to blog about it...

As they say, check your local listings for details!

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