Friday, May 25, 2007

Gleanings from the Blogosphere & Beyond

Here are some interesting bits I've come across recently that I thought you might like. Enjoy the long hot weekend!

3rd Ward in Bushwick
(via Brooklyn Record)
This amazing art space is down the street from where Jae and I live. They've been known to throw some mean weekend parties, and have a killer woodworking shop (among other resources) that can be rented by the hour or the day.

Duct Tape Prom Outfits
(via Craft Magazine)
'Nuf said!

(via Apartment Therapy)
Trip out to these crazy amazing houses belonging to nouveau riche drug lords in Afghanistan.

Rebuilding the Ark
(via Apartment Therapy)
Some Dutch boat builders have built the most massive wooden boat I've ever seen. It looks like a hulking floating barn. I love it!!

Lessons from the Garden
(via Tongue in Cheek)
A sweet story about the perils of organic gardening by one of my favorite bloggers.

Pattern for Alexander McQueen Jacket
(via Craft Magazine)
I love this kimono jacket by Alexander McQueen, one of my favorite designers. Wish I had the skilz to sew one up myself!

Charlie Rose Online
With a newly launched website, you can now watch Charlie Rose interviews online! Such a rich resource. One of my favorites is this interview with actor Bill Nighy from January 2007. (Click here if it doesn't play below.)

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