Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Greenjeans on Stylehive

Thanks to "julie3jax" for posting items from Greenjeans Online on Stylehive today! She liked this fused glass Spring Leaves Bowl by Renato Foti on our site. And she also posted a bunch of jewelry by Janice Ho whom we represent. (Click here to see pieces by Janice currently available on our website, and note that there's much more in our Brooklyn shop.) Must be how she found out about us...

A few months ago, we had another hit on Stylehive -- Chelle Kraus' ginko leaf earrings -- from "purldrop," who is the lovely Erin of Williamsburg's Sodafine.

Looks like Wendy Stevens' handbags are getting some attention on Stylehive, too. We have others of her fabulous hand-tooled stainless steel bags both online and in the shop. The three new bags that JUST arrived will be up on the site hopefully later this week...

Stylehive seems to be an open-access blog for members to post the things (design products, Etsy items, etc.) they like. (You don't have to register to browse.) It's a great idea, and a great way to get a taste of what craft, design, fashion, and art objects people are looking at online! Cool!

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