Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fall Furniture Festival - Images in Flickr Set

I've set up a Flickr set to make images of work by exhibitors in the upcoming Fall Furniture Festival available to bloggers, press, and anyone else who's curious. (We have 17 exhibitors confirmed so far, and more to come!)

I'll be adding more pictures as they come in. If you need high-res of anything, please contact me.

Check out all the images here.

A sneak peek:

Top: Long Bench built from old bowling alley wood by Counter Evolution NYC (Brooklyn).

Elsie Low Table by Nine Stories Furniture Co. (Brooklyn). "Veneered" with enameled metal salvaged from junk yard car bodies.
Hollow Chair by Brave Space Design (Brooklyn). Made from bamboo and non-toxic finishes.

Three-tier table by Benton Custom (Brooklyn). Roger Benton lines up the sapwood in these planks of walnut to evoke racing stripes.

Bilge Chair made from bourbon barrels by Uhuru. The base is made from truck springs.

More to come!

Posted by Amy Shaw for Greenjeans.
Images courtesy of the respective furniture makers.

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