Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Laura Su's Jewelry (Prismera Design) on the Runway!

I received an email today that made me so proud and happy for our friend Laura Su, formerly the manager at Rare Device when our shops were neighbors in Park Slope.

Laura is the woman behind Prismera Design, and her jewelry has recently rocketed right to the New York Fashion Week runway! Check it out on her blog here.

We featured Laura's work in our jewelry show "Summer Succulents" last summer, for which she designed the amazing Titanopsis Necklace (pictured on the runway model here) along with a few other pieces. She credits our show with inspiring her to come up with this collection that's been getting so much attention lately. I can't describe how proud that makes me feel!

(BTW, that's a bamboo jersey gown the model is wearing by Elizabeth Mason Couture -- tres eco chic.)

Laura totally deserves this attention -- she's a lovely person who has been working very hard at her collections. I wish her every success!

Posted by Amy Shaw for Greenjeans.
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