Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sustainable Furniture Council

As my research into the furniture market deepens, today I discovered the Sustainable Furniture Council -- a new non-profit industry association that offers education and certification -- and their very informative website.

It is worth sharing their smart Take Action section:

Questions one might want to ask when buying furniture:
  • What are the products made of?
  • Where and how were the materials procured?
  • If made of wood, was it legally harvested?
  • How are they processed into finished goods?
  • What is the environmental impact?
  • What will happen to the product after its served its purpose?
Things you can start doing today:

Make My Company Greener
Make My Store Greener
Make My Home Greener
Make My Textile Choices Greener

Like that? The Resources section offers tons more links and documents. Furniture people take note!

This is good stuff, but before I become a joiner I want to learn more about this organization, wary as I am of greenwashing these days -- who is behind it and what are their true goals?

I appreciate the resource in any case, and am glad to know this exists.

Anyone reading this a member or know more about it?

Posted by Amy Shaw for Greenjeans.
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80sMom said...

I'm enjoying your blog.

I find that the 'greenest' furniture is the kind you find by the curbside ;-)

Greenjeans said...

I totally agree with you, 80smom!

Literally a third of the furniture in my apartment is salvaged from the street (what the NYC sanitation guys call "mongo").

Nothing upholstered, though. Ick!

- Amy