Monday, September 08, 2008

Fashion at the Brooklyn Flea

Let's call it "Flea Fabulous."

Last weekend we noticed that, wow, people really DRESS to come to the Flea! And I don't think it's just that Fashion Week is going on in town...

From 60's-retro girls to Japanese hipsters, it seemed like everyone is dressed to express at the Brooklyn Flea.

From our spot near the Vanderbilt entrance we have a great view and I couldn't resist snapping pictures for a while. (All taken 9/7/08.) What an eclectic runway of looks!

[Click here for all 28 pics.]

The Flea is second-to-none for people watching in general, and checking out creative looks especially. As if the food, the awesome vendors, and the socializing weren't reason enough to come to the Flea!

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Posted and all pics by Greenjeans.

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