Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Handcrafted Living" = More Handwashing

Saw this on the Lower East Side tonight. It's a poster for new condos going up in Williamsburg called the SteelWorks Lofts. The picture is of a welder, and their catchphrase? "Handcrafted Living."

It's great that the condo developers are working with local manufacturers on their project (though my bet is that it's not that exceptional).

But seriously -- if this isn't a gem of "handwashing" (like greenwashing, but related to co-opting the handmade) I don't know what is.

Less cynical posts (my visit to 3rd Ward today, the ACC Salon tonight, the Furniture Festival coming up) coming soon!

Posted and image by Amy Shaw for Greenjeans.

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Natasha Wozniak said...

I saw that sign as well. From afar, I thought it was new event in the craft world... sorely disappointed to find it a co-opting of handcrafted. I had a similar reaction to the "handcrafted lattes" that Starbucks was pushing last year.